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I am Attalan Mailvaganam, an Interation Designer, Graphic Designer and Animator from Eindhoven, the Netherlands. In July 2014, I graduated from the Masters of Industrial Design from the Eindhoven University of Technology. My design interest is centered on Interaction Design, as I try to research and design for a qualitative interaction between the user and product. I find it pity that consumer electronics are based on providing thousand of function, while the most important item, the “use of the object”, is often neglected in the design of products.


As a designer, I consider myself a design technologist, I try to explore with technology to develop different concept as a mean to improve the quality of use. Within this design process, I handle a hand-on approach, as I am able to quickly develop prototypes in the favor for a design goal. Next to that my skills in graphic design and animation help me to communicate my concept very well to the audience.


I believe that design should be expressed through experience and not through written manuals; likewise my projects are the mediators of my vision and identity. So please explore them!


duration: 2 semesters

Haptic Beats, is a music interface enabling user to shuffle and change volume through expressive gestures. The shuffle function consists out of two options based on the emotion of pleasure and displeasure. If the current song is being liked, a next song within the same category can be shuffled by making a Shuffle-like gesture, a slow movement with the slider to the top. Else when disliking, a different category than current can be shuffled by making a Shuffle-Dislike gesture, a rough high force movement to the top. Volume can be changed by making a fluent vertical rotation to the front or to the back.


This project was a part of my Master Graduation. With this project I wanted to highlight the importance of design for rich interaction. Users could understand the functionalities of Haptic Beats through interacting with the device.


This project highlights my strengths as an interaction designer. Firstly, it shows the value of a hand-on approach, as I tried to develop different interaction prototypes. Secondly, I am able to taps design theory knowledge to implement within tangible objects.

excellence score


duration: 1 semester

SpectroFlexia is a form of interactive stained glass that is designed to present information in the periphery of people’s attention. SpectroFlexia is developed in an iterative design process which revealed a low-cost method of smoothly changing the color of light shining through translucent materials. Using this method, SpectroFlexia can display several types of digital information through the speed at which its colors change. In addition to providing peripheral information, SpectroFlexia is designed to serve a decorative function.


SpectroFlexia was selected for the Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction conference in Barcelona. It received a lot of positive comments, as visitors expressed that it was a perfect combination of design theory within a clear physical product.


duration: 1 semester

Suspenderet was developed as a textile-electronics toolbox to establishe a common language between textile, electronics and context companies to support them to collaborate and thereby create opportunities within their fields of interest. During the development, I collaborated with Thomas van Lankveld. Our vision saw a different purpose for Suspenderet, as we both were interested in the explorative character for educational purposes. Could we show students the value of thinking through making? Therefore Suspenderet could be a medium to stimulate students to explore with electronics.


By giving workshops, the value of exploring with electronics was exposed to the students. Also a collaboration was started with Michelle Baggerman of the Design Academy to support design students to not only explore with electronics and textile, but also to develop ideas with the tool.


duration: 6 weeks

The Roots system takes a tangible approach towards exploring family history. Roots consists of four modules, a base, and an application. The four modules represent Family, History, Location and Story, respectively. These are the modules that can be used to explore your family stories. Adjusting the different levels of granularity of each of the modules influences the data shown on screen. The family module is used to select a starting point for your journey. Is the story related to yourself, or is it about your aunt? In the history module, adjusting the level limits the stories to a particular time frame. The location module is used to browse through locations related to the stories. And finally, the story module is used to select the right type of story; this can be video, audio and/or written text.


Roots was develop within a course for the client Microsoft together with a multidisciplinary team of four people. The goal of the course was to come-up with interesting concepts related to big data.


duration: 2 weeks

The module Ghost was centred around the development of a shape-changing interface. Together with a teammate (Leonie Tenthof v. Noorden) we used our skills to quickly prototype an interface, as we both wanted to focus on the development of the behavior. This goal is well reflected in the concept “Lo Spirito Colorato”, a haptic shape-changing interface.


duration: 2 weeks

Touching Taste is a spicer, developed in a group of four students in the course “Intercultural Markers in the Design Process”. The focus of this module was to analyze two distinct cultures on their intercultural marker, in order to develop a kitchen utensil.  This goal is well reflected in the design process as well in the final concept.


Animation and graphic job for the magazine Unid, meant for the press company Snep. The animation highlight the process involved in their company.

Animation and graphic job for the assignment in cooperation with Microsoft. The animation shows a step by step guide for the interaction.


Animation for Design2gather and Student Monitor are in process


Animation Effect (text animation and tracking) for the client Suprapolix as a Animator for the De Jongens van de TU.

During the year 2014-2015 I was part of the board of Stukafest, as a programmer and graphic. I edited and animated the videos above.


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